Wednesday, January 31, 2018


The State of the Cluelss

The Democrats’ party committed political suicide...again.

Once again, their main strategy rests on an assumption that most people agree with them...or should — a manifestation of the classic leftist worldview.

Their response to President Trump’s no-nonsense descriptions of real-world issues was more of the usual pathetic nonsense about “racism,” “hate,” “bullying,”etc., with a few honorable mentions to transgenders and other concocted grievance groups. Just for old time sake they threw in the wealth envy thing that has served them over decades — one could argue, centuries.

Most people aren’t “full of hate,” aren’t “racists,” and could care less about how “compassionate” the president is towards bolstering the Democrats’ voting blocks with new illegal “immigrants” cutting in line in front of real immigrants.

The more the communist wing of America’s dominant leftist party mouths off the same stale soundbites that lost them the last election, the more thrilled I am that Trump is virtually guaranteed another term.

It’s one thing to hold a reprehensible worldview that seeks to destroy the American system as a constitutional republic. Quite another to be just so plain stupid as to keep selling the same bill of goods that voters have continually rejected.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


And the Winner is, Once Again, the Cultural Left!

...for being the most blatantly full of shit.

Blogger seems to be refusing to allow this link, so copy and paste it, if you haven’t seen it already:

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Rebels Who Don’t Know Their Cause

If a person fancies one’s self to be an independent thinking “rebel” or “revolutionary” type, and one is aware of the fact that the FBI, CIA, and virtually all establishment institutions that hold power in the U.S. are allied against the current president, it may be time to acknowledge that you may have more in common with the current president than you realized. ...just sayin.

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